Due to its near-year-round sunny weather, Eilat, Israel’s southernmost city, provides visitors a plethora of outdoor activities. There is something for everyone here, from world-class scuba diving and stunning hiking routes to lovely beaches and a booming nightlife scene. Here are the top-rated tourist activities in Eilat, Israel you should do for your better trip.

Top-Rated Tourist Activities in Eilat, Israel

Spy Red Sea Marine Life without Getting Wet at the Underwater Observatory

Make a beeline for this page to learn more about the rich fish life of the Red Sea. The Underwater Observatory Marine Park in Eilat gives visitors a crash course in the kaleidoscope of color beneath the sea’s surface.

The tower observatory, which is 100 meters offshore, is the main attraction. You may witness the fish and other marine life offshore in their natural habitat by taking the stairs down to the seabed. It’s a terrific way for non-divers to explore the underwater environment up close as well as a great introduction to aquatic life for tiny children.

On land, the complex contains a number of aquariums with Red Sea fish, turtles, and sharks, as well as glass-bottom boat tours.

Explore Timna Park

Explore Timna Park | Top-Rated Tourist Activities in Eilat, Israel

Surreal desert vistas and an intriguing ancient copper-mining history may be found in this lovely national park. It’s well-known for its strange rock formations carved by wind and rain. Solomon’s Pillars, a 50-meter-high wall of sandstone rock sculpted into pillar shapes by erosion, is the most well-known of these. A flight of steps leads to a relief representing Pharaoh Ramses III giving an offering to the goddess Hathor on the cliff wall.

Excavations in the area dating back to 1959 have revealed that copper has been mined consistently here from 3,000 BC, with Egyptians and Israelites working the mines at different times.

Scuba Dive with Dolphins at Dolphin Reef

Visitors can witness bottlenose dolphins up close in this private bay, which is famed for its resident bottlenose dolphins. This would be one of the top-rated tourist activities in Eilat you should not miss.

The bay’s scuba diving and snorkeling with dolphins tours, which run throughout the day, attract the majority of visitors. The pier protruding out into the sea from the beach, however, is a wonderful dolphin observation point for people who don’t want to get wet.

The beach here can get very crowded, so don’t anticipate peace and quiet, especially on weekends. The cove is relatively sheltered, making it a safe place for small children to paddle and a popular family destination. Scuba diving tours are available to children over the age of eight.

Dive and Snorkel at Coral Beach Reserve

Dive and Snorkel at Coral Beach Reserve | Top-Rated Tourist Activities in Eilat, Israel
Top-Rated Tourist Activities in Eilat, Israel

The protected Coral Beach Reserve is Eilat’s best diving and snorkeling spot, and the offshore seas are home to a vibrantly brilliant world of coral and darting fish.

A trip here will be the highlight of your Eilat vacation if you’re a diver. Even rookie divers are accommodated for in Eilat, which has a slew of diving trip firms that can accommodate them.

If you don’t want to go deep, the reefs close off the coast are shallow enough that you can snorkel and see the fish and coral. On the beach, you can rent masks and goggles.

Spot Migrating Birds at the International Birding Center

The Eilat area is ideal for bird viewing because it is located in the heart of the bird migration pathways between Africa and Europe.

The greatest seasons for travellers who wish to see the most species passing by are spring and fall, and this little Bird Watching Center, located on the road leading to the Jordanian border post, is the finest site to pull out your binoculars.

There are well-marked routes throughout the reserve, with plenty of hides sprinkled along the way at the best sites. Come early in the morning for the best chances of seeing wildlife.

Visit Botanical Gardens

Visit Botanical Gardens | the top-rated tourist activities in Eilat

This botanical park, located on a hill above Eilat, is a pleasant area with lush tropical trees and plants.

It’s a welcome respite from the hot sun, and the abundance of greenery contrasts nicely with the surrounding stark desert escarpment.

It’s a fantastic area to go for an early evening stroll when the heat of the day has passed, and a good place to let the kids explore if you’re traveling with small children.

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