Jerusalem may often be associated with quaint cobblestone streets, bustling markets, and religious sites, but there’s also plenty of space to be quiet and peaceful. A visit to the nearby forests, national parks and botanical gardens is always the perfect complement to the busyness of the Holy City. Keep reading on for the most beautiful gardens and green spaces in Jerusalem.

The Most Beautiful Gardens and Green Spaces in Jerusalem

Jerusalem Botanical Gardens

The Most Beautiful Gardens and Green Spaces in Jerusalem | Jerusalem Botanical Gardens

The Jerusalem Botanical Garden, on the southern edge of the Hebrew University’s Givat Ram campus, offers a beautiful large green area with plant life from each continent of the world.
A sensory delight, the Garden features colorful and unique flowers, trees, shrubs, vegetation and bonsai trees and biblical flora. Tours of the grounds, church, and visitor center are available with changing exhibits.
Or, just take a relaxing walk, or hop on the “flower train” that runs through the Garden every hour. Cap off the experience with a soup or coffee at the cafe near the entrance, Caffit.

Jerusalem Bird Observatory

Located near the Knesset, the Jerusalem Bird Observatory (JBO) is open to the public for bird watching, presentations, tours, close-up bird encounters and ecological experiences.
JBO has Israel’s national ringed bird center and conducts extensive conservation studies and research. Don’t miss the wooden structure as you enter the site to the right, called the hideout, which is a great place to watch birds as they plunge into the nearby fountain.
This week, the Observatory has arranged a series of activities around Jerusalem to celebrate Urban Nature Conservation Week.

Sacher Park, Jerusalem

Sacher Park, Jerusalem
The Most Beautiful Gardens and Green Spaces in Jerusalem

One of the most beautiful gardens and green spaces in Jerusalem, Gan Sacher is the largest public park in Jerusalem, occupying 170 acres (69ha) in the city center. To its east are the neighborhoods of Nachlaot and Rehavia, with government buildings and museums at Givat Ram to the west. That easy-to-find location isn’t the only reason it’s a great place for a picnic; the park is just a short distance from the food stalls of Machane Yehuda Market. Plus, it’s surrounded by tall trees that provide some much needed shade during the day. The large lawns are also great for sports: facilities include soccer fields, tennis and basketball courts, and a bike path. We highly recommend using the Bird Observatory.

Independence Park

Independence Park, or Gan Ha’atzmaut in Hebrew, is nestled in the heart of the city, just a short walk from the quaint streets and religious sites of the Old City. When it is not being used as a venue for events, rallies and concerts, it is a peaceful green haven amidst the hustle and bustle of downtown Jerusalem.

Garden of Gethsemane

Located at the foot of the Mount of Olives, the Garden of Gethsemane is filled with ancient olive trees discovered by scientists to be 2,000 years old: the oldest olive trees in the world. sex. They grow among the green grass, divided by a walking trail. This tranquil oasis is not to be missed, but it’s not only beautiful; This is an important site for Christians. This is said to be the place where Jesus prayed before being arrested and later crucified.

Wohl Rose Garden

This beautiful site is close to the Knesset (Israeli parliament) and the world famous Israel Museum. It is home to 400 varieties of roses, not to mention 15,000 bushes and a pond full of aquatic plants, so make sure you visit in April or May when the flowers are in full bloom. Plus, around that time, the weather will be perfect for a picnic and reading.

Ein Hemed National Park, Jerusalem

Ein Hemed National Park, Jerusalem | The Most Beautiful Gardens and Green Spaces in Jerusalem

Nestled just 10 minutes outside of Jerusalem, Ein Hemed is a national park and nature reserve. The most popular attractions there include springs and dams, as well as shady picnic areas. It’s the perfect spot for a morning stroll before heading to the nearby village of Abu Ghosh, home to the best hummus in Israel. Entrance fee is required to enter the park.

Jerusalem Park

Jerusalem Park is made up of hundreds of acres of open, green and pine forests that surround the city of Jerusalem and is a haven for nature lovers.
Planted by the Jewish National Foundation after the establishment of the State of Israel and supported by the Jerusalem Development Authority and the City of Jerusalem, the park offers a variety of year-round activities perfect for families. Many Jerusalemites go there to plant trees on Tu Bishvat.

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