This vibrant East Java metropolis is made up of a number of fascinating neighborhoods, each with their own unique characteristics and quirks. Discover the coolest neighborhoods in Surabaya, Indonesia, from the old town to the most modern part of the city.

The Coolest Neighborhoods in Surabaya, Indonesia

Old Surabaya

Surabaya’s vibrant urban scene hides a charming old town. The old neighborhood around Rajawali Street and Jembatan Merah appears to have been frozen in time, with elegant colonial-style buildings and landmarks preserved throughout. Take a long walk around the neighborhood or hire a traditional becak to get around. Don’t miss the city’s most recognizable landmarks, such as the Mandiri Bank and the Surabaya City Post Office. In addition, go to the House of Sampoerna and sign up for their Heritage Track Tour.

Surabaya Chinatown

Surabaya now has a sizable Chinese population as a result of its history as an important port town on the international trade route. Although the Surabaya-Chinese community is now dispersed throughout the city, the original Chinatown is still well-preserved and vibrant, with distinctive architecture, food centers, and temples. The pagoda-style Cheng Hoo Mosque, Hong Tiek Hian Temple, and the Kya-Kya culinary joint are all must-sees.


Backpackers may recognize Gubeng as Surabaya’s busy train station. However, over time, the area has evolved into one of the city’s liveliest traveler hubs. Around the station, notable restaurants, hotels, cafes, malls, and concept stores are sprouting up, making Gubeng a convenient entry point for your fun days in Surabaya. The famous Tunjungan Plaza and the iconic submarine museum are also nearby.

Arab Village

With a Middle Eastern population, architecture, food, landmarks, and businesses, this neighborhood is like a slice of the Middle East in Surabaya. Tourists are welcome to visit the Ampel Mosque and other historical landmarks in addition to shopping, sightseeing, and eating authentic Middle Eastern cuisine.


Surabaya is a charming seaside town with delightful natural charms, despite being mostly known as a city where business thrives and shopping malls flourish. The Kenjeran district, which boasts coastal beauty, well-developed amusement parks, and other landmarks, is a popular getaway for both locals and visitors. Don’t miss Ria Beach Kenjeran and Sanggar Agung, a majestic seaside temple.



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