Downtown Jerusalem is home to some of Israel’s most famous galleries and museums, where world-renowned works of art are on regular display and ongoing exhibitions. Jerusalem is rich in history and tradition, but its population is as multicultural as you would find in any global city. Culture plays an important role in Jerusalem’s heritage, as evidenced by its flourishing arts scene. Here are the best art galleries in Jerusalem, Israel you must visit.

The Best Art Galleries in Jerusalem

The Israel Museum

The Best Art Galleries in Jerusalem | The Israel Museum

Anyone interested in art should make the Israel Museum their first port of call when visiting Jerusalem. The Israel Museum is located in Jerusalem’s Givat Ram neighborhood, within walking distance of the Knesset (Israeli parliament), the Supreme Court and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. By far the country’s most important cultural institution, the Israel Museum covers more than 18,500 square meters (199,150 square feet), much of it devoted to exhibition space. The Israel Museum exhibits one of the richest collections of art, archaeology and Judaica in the Middle East. Opened in 1965, the museum underwent a three-year overhaul before reopening to the public in the summer of 2010. The museum’s Fine Arts wing covers an area of ​​2,200 square meters (23,680 feet). ). square) displays artworks from around the world, especially Israel and Europe. Also worth a visit is a specific section dedicated to contemporary art. The Billy Rose Art Garden of the Israel Museum is a regular showcase of Western sculpture. On display are the works of many of the world’s most famous sculptors, among them Jacques Lipchitz, Claes Oldenburg and Auguste Rodin.

Arts and Crafts Fair (Hutzot Hayotzer)

For those more interested in local art initiatives, plan a visit to the artists quarter (Hutzot Hayotzer). Meet creators in their own studios and galleries, and get the chance to add some unique Israeli art to your collection by negotiating directly with sellers. The buildings containing the Hutzot Hayotzer were built in the 1930s and reflect the Arab architectural style of that period common throughout the city. After the war in 1948, this part of Jerusalem remained derelict until 1967. Over the years, the complex has undergone several major renovations since its designation as an art district. While Hutzot Hayotzer is worth a year-round visit, August hosts an internationally renowned arts and crafts fair, one of the most popular events of the year in Jerusalem. Artists from all over the country come to represent the best features of Israeli culture and display their work, which can include ceramics, decorative textiles, embroidery, sculpture, paintings, painting. hands, photos and metalwork.

Jerusalem House of Quality

Jerusalem House of Quality  | The Best Art Galleries in Jerusalem

Jerusalem House of Quality is an independent gallery that has promoted the work of the city’s contemporary artists for more than half a century. The gallery presents small exhibitions, each showcasing unique creations crafted with glassware, ceramics and bronze, among other materials. Art produced at the Jerusalem House of Quality ranges from contemporary Judaism and jewelry to mosaic art. In addition to hosting rotating exhibitions, the gallery is also a popular venue for cultural and musical events as well as lectures, when visitors can engage with the arts community. and crafts of the city while enjoying the beautiful panorama of the Old City and Yemin Moshe neighborhood from the gallery’s terrace.

Art Time Gallery

The Art Time Gallery, located in the heart of Jerusalem on Shlomzion Hamalka Street, specializes in popular art. Each artist exhibited here is encouraged to experiment with their art, which is characterized by innovative techniques and original materials. Their talent is spread by using bright, vibrant color palettes and incorporating artistic 3D methods. The gallery is managed by Zion Ezri, a second generation art collector, with rich experience in Israeli art and a true expert in his field. The gallery only displays work by well-known Israeli artists, but the variety of styles has attracted a wide range of collectors, interior designers and lovers of popular art.

The Museum for Islamic Art

The Museum for Islamic Art
The Best Art Galleries in Jerusalem

This museum opened in 1974 and houses one of the most important collections of Islamic art in the world. Only a quarter of the museum’s 4,000 art treasures, dating from the 7th to the 19th centuries, are on display, including pottery, metal, and glass for everyday use, as well. as luxury items, such as jewelry, ornaments, miniatures, and carpets. The brainchild of Vera Bryce Salomons, a member of an aristocratic Anglo-Jewish family, the museum was created to preserve Islamic art and archeology while promoting religious tolerance. religion and strengthen Arab-Jewish coexistence in an often troubled region.

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