Look south of Tel Aviv’s blossoming culinary industry to see Jaffa’s own food renaissance taking place in its bustling streets. We show you where to go with so many spectacular speciality cafes in Jaffa, Israel.

Spectacular Speciality Cafes In Jaffa, Israel

Milk Bakery

Spectacular Speciality Cafes In Jaffa, Israel | Milk Bakery

Milk Bakery, a relatively new addition to Jaffa’s culinary scene, has been hailed by locals and foodies all across Tel Aviv. It’s tucked away in the corner of the newly rebuilt Market Hotel building. Adi Kihan, the proprietor and pastry chef with a French education, creates delicious art that will leave you floating after each taste.

Due to a lack of space inside, Milk frequently sets up tables and chairs outside their store so that visitors may sit and take in the sights and sounds of the bustling Beit Eshel street. Milk’s mainstays include a wide variety of croissants, delectable choux a la crème (cream puffs), a variety of cake specialties, and lovely mille-feuille. Milk isn’t just known for its sweets. The baristas have also perfected a technique for making a balanced cup of coffee using Caffè Diemme beans.


Spectacular Speciality Cafes In Jaffa, Israel

This delicious coffee is served in a stylish pink cup with Adi’s cow udder emblem. Milk Bakery is putting a strain on Tel Aviv’s confectionary scene. Adi and her team have refined every item offered to perfection. Her original butter croissant is Adi’s particular favorite dessert. Milk Bakery in Jaffa is the place to go if you think yourself a patisserie aficionado.

In Tel Aviv, a coffee revolution has occurred in the last several years, entirely changing what it means to “drink a nice cup of coffee.” Cafelix is one of the key participants in this revolution, which has challenged the traditional image of coffee. Yael and Phillipp Schaefer, as well as partners Ofir Ben-Harush and Yaniv Goldberg, led the charge.

It all began at their flagship cafe on Segulah Street in Jaffa’s enlarged Noga District, often known as the “Noga District.” When you go to Cafelix for a cup of coffee, you’re serious about your business. Of course, some people simply come to drink Cafelix’s well crafted house brew and interact with the other residents.

The Cafelix crew is eagerly awaiting your arrival if you want to experiment with different flavors derived from the best beans gathered from across the world. They light up when they see other coffee connoisseurs and enjoy watching their customers get as enthused about coffee as they do.

It is a challenge for them to serve you with the exact coffee you desire, so don’t be afraid to try something new. They enthusiastically promote and accept this interest. Take your coffee cup across the street to one of the park tables in the small playground area if the cafe is too crowded inside. While sipping your wonderful blend, this patio is a great place to take in all of the Noga life unfolding.

Knaffe Noga

Knaffe Noga | Spectacular Speciality Cafes In Jaffa, Israel

Knaffe Noga has been bringing together foodies since 2013, and their tiny cafe in Jaffa’s Noga District serves customers traditional Arabic dessert. Knaffe is a lovely delicacy that is traditionally made with a goat cheese core and deliciously divine kadaif noodle hairs.

Knaffee Noga is the only location to go for knaffe first-timers, as the meal can get a little too sweet. Danny Phillips, the English chef and owner, specifically avoids this in his rendition. He’s perfected the ‘happy food’ treat for all to enjoy. It’s working because people keep coming back for more.

Danny’s vegan version, which uses coconut cream instead of goat cheese, has quickly gained a cult-like following for this East London hangout. One of the best things about Knaffe Cafe is that they make each order as soon as it is placed. This indicates that your knaffe treat has not been sitting on the shelf for hours. Your knaffe is custom-made for you on the moment. This ensures you may experience the dish’s warmth, which is a big part of its appeal.


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