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1. Personality database – Characteristics of introverted emotional types

Personality database - characteristics of introverted emotional types
Personality database – characteristics of introverted emotional types
  • Harmony in the inner life of emotion is very important.
  • Are most effective when working alone on projects that include personal values in the arts, literature, sciences, psychology, or needs perception.
  • Have profound emotions that are rarely voiced because reserve and calmness both hide underlying sensitivity and strong conviction.
  • Retain your independence from other people’s opinions while adhering to your own moral code.
  • Apply internal judgment to maintain the hierarchy of importance between all lower values and the larger.
  • Have a strong feeling of responsibility and loyalty to commitments, but little desire to win the favor of or exert influence over others.
  • Ability to devote themselves wholeheartedly to a loved one, an ideal, or a cause.
  • It is occasionally allowed to use thinking judgment to persuade a thinker to accept feeling goals, but it is never allowed to oppose those goals.

2. Personality database – Cognitive Responsibilities of an INFP

The Swiss psychotherapist Carl Jung developed a theory of personality on which the MBTI is based. Thinking, emotion, sensation, and intuition are the four psychological facets of personality that Jung suggested. Then, depending on whether they are extraverted or introverted, people will focus each of these cognitive processes inward.

Each personality type in the MBTI is composed of a stacked hierarchy of these functions. Even while the auxiliary and, to a lesser extent, the tertiary functions serve the dominant function, it is the dominant function that generally governs personality. The majority of subconscious but yet influential inferior functions are those.

The four cognitive processes that INFPs often rely on are as follows:

Personality database - Cognitive Responsibilities of an INFP
Personality database – Cognitive Responsibilities of an INFP

2.1 Taking the lead: Introverted Feeling – Personality database cognitive processes

Although INFPs have intense emotional experiences, they often process these sensations inwardly since they are introverts. They are filled with awe for the earth and have a deep feeling of empathy and compassion for others. Even if these feelings are intense, INFPs are prone to hiding them, which is why people may mistake them for being distant or unwelcoming.

The disciplines of counseling, education, writing, art, science, research, and psychology are among those where INFPs flourish since they deal with the possibilities for individuals. It could come as a surprise that science is included. I found it to be. My mother and I fully anticipated research professionals to be INTx like my father, Lyman J. Briggs, the head of the National Bureau of Standards, rather than INFx. The best researchers at the Bureau actually had fewer INFxs than INTxs, but they were no less accomplished. Maybe the excitement brought on by experiencing an INFx encourages intuition to arrive at a truth that later examination by intellect will support.

The majority of INFPs are talented writers. There were four INFP women in the senior high school class that was examined for the Type Indicator’s early validation. One was chosen by the class as the “most likely to succeed” since she edited the school magazine. The valedictorian, literary editor, and yearbook editor were all one person. The third went on to become the editor of her college newspaper after being awarded a four-year open scholarship.

This type’s literary propensity results from the fusion of feeling and intuition. The power of language appears to be a combined creation of intuition’s skill with symbols and feeling’s aesthetic discernment and taste. Intuition provides creativity and insight, feeling provides the impulse to speak and share, and feeling provides the desire to do so. As a result, the aptitude should exist in all four NF kinds.

However, extravert personality types like ENFP and ENFJ, as well as introverted intuit who are extraverted with emotion, INFJ, are more prone to take the easy route and communicate verbally in jobs like teaching, counseling, and psychology. Because INFPs are so reticent when it comes to their feelings, they frequently choose to express them in writing rather than via direct communication.

2.2 Supplemental: Extraverted Intuition – Personality database cognitive processes

Personality database - Cognitive Responsibilities of an INFP
Personality database – Cognitive Responsibilities of an INFP

Before settling on a plan of action, INFPs frequently evaluate a variety of alternatives. In order to achieve this, they examine problems using their imagination and “what if” scenarios. Their inner life have a big impact on their personalities, and they use their intuition to communicate with the outer world. INFPs focus on topics that affect the “big picture” and those that will define the course of the future. This skill enables them to develop into transformative leaders who are passionate about improving the world.

2.3 Secondary: Inward Sensing – Personality database cognitive processes

INFPs have strong recollections of the experiences they learn about. They frequently relive these events in their imaginations to reflect on experiences under less demanding circumstances. Recalling such memories might frequently feel like reliving the event since they are typically tied to powerful emotions.

2.4 Extraverted Thinking is inferior – Personality database cognitive processes

A crucial aspect of this cognitive function is the ability to objectively and logically make sense of the world. Even while extraversion generally has an unconscious effect on the INFP’s personality, it might become apparent when under stress. Under pressure, for instance, an INFP may suddenly become exceedingly practical and detail-oriented, focusing on logic rather than emotion.

INFPs may struggle to feel effective and productive since their thinking is generally more influenced by intuition and emotion. A greater feeling of balance may be achieved by those with the INFP personality type by learning to enhance their extraverted thinking function.

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