Jaffa, Israel, has a lot to offer for a city break, from neighborhood tours and art galleries to fashionable cafes, theaters, and some fantastic eateries, beyond the mosques, churches, and famed harbor. Here’s a guide how to spend 24 hours sightseeing in Jaffa, Israel by visiting both fashionable new spots and some old favorites.

How To Spend 24 Hours Sightseeing In Jaffa, Israel


8:00 a.m.: Begin your day at Basma Café with a delicious Jaffa-style breakfast. Aliah, the proprietor, resigned a career as a software engineer to develop this welcoming, genuine establishment. Try the home-roasted coffee and vegan ‘Kenafeh’ before you depart (Kadaif noodles pastry).

Begin your day at Basma Café with a delicious Jaffa-style breakfast | How To Spend 24 Hours Sightseeing In Jaffa, Israel

9:30 a.m.: For some serious sunbathing, head all the way down to Ajami Beach on the southern end of the beach (Aliya hill beach). On a bright day in Jaffa, this wonderful and somewhat remote beach is all you need.

11:00 a.m.: Take a stroll up the port to the old city and look through some of the charming craftsman studios. Wander up and east via the Kdumim Square and hilltop garden until you reach the Clock Square, which includes the famed clock tower, the Saraya, and the Kishle, all of which were built by the Ottoman administration in the 19th century.

Ajami Beach | How To Spend 24 Hours Sightseeing In Jaffa, Israel


1:00 p.m.: Are you hungry? To go to Bino’s Shawarma, take a taxi. Bino, the proprietor of the renowned Dr. Shakshuka, is most known for his Shakshuka (tomato, egg, and spice casserole), but you should try his amazing ‘Shawarma,’ the Israeli version of Donner kebab.

2:00 p.m.: Take Raziel Street east to the Noga neighborhood, which is home to indie cafes and bars, homegrown labels, boutique shops, and hidden-from-view art studios. Start with a dessert at Knafeh, a lovely establishment that serves delectable baked-on-the-spot Mediterranean treats. Take a stroll down Sgula Street and grab a cup of coffee from Cafélix, which provides some of the best coffee in town. Gelada, a terrific independent T-shirt label, is just over the street. Several local apparel boutiques and lifestyle companies can be found in the region, including Note and Biantica.

3:30 p.m.: Carrying increasingly heavier suitcases, I continue my search for secret art studios in the area. Pashut is one of the best. Visitors are welcome to visit his home-studio, which is open to the public. Amnon creates stunning minimalist textile artworks.

4:00 pm: A trip to the Noga neighborhood isn’t complete without a stop at Casino San Remo for an afternoon drink: a pop-up art show, vinyl record sales, and a cool crowd complete the classic hipster ambiance.


5:30 p.m.: Head south west on Raziel St to the bustling flea market for a wonderful change of pace. Begin your walk with Asufa, a contemporary design shop that serves as a home for emerging Israeli designers. You can find trendy souvenirs and home decor at Asufa while also getting a glimpse of the most up-to-date local design scene. Continue to Zielinski and Rozen Parfumerie, which resembles a medieval pharmacy but houses an outstanding range of excellent home-made perfumes and can even make unique scents for customers if they book a few days ahead of time. Continue strolling down Rabbi Pinhas Street to Galerie Parisienne Premium Vintage, a beautiful shop that sells a hand-picked variety of vintage French designer labels that are all directly imported from Paris. Saga, a street-art exhibition space, is right next door. This gallery is unique in Israel because it includes a working area, a gallery, and a residence for selected international artists.

Strolling down Rabbi Pinhas Street
How To Spend 24 Hours Sightseeing In Jaffa, Israel

7:00 p.m.: For dinner, visit El-Jamila, a fantastic contemporary version of traditional Jaffa-Arab food, or Kalamata, which has a spectacular view of Jaffa Port and serves elite Mediterranean fare. Black-Out is an adventure-seeking option; in this strange location, you will have a phenomenal gastronomic experience as dinner is delivered by blind waiters while you dine in complete darkness.


08:30 pm Make your way to the dock for some post-dinner entertainment. Visit the Mayumana House for an exhilarating percussion and dance performance. Warehouse 2, a performance arts venue that presents alternative dance events, is a less mainstream choice. If dancing isn’t your style, try out The Container, a seafood restaurant that also doubles as a music venue, hosting free concerts by promising young musicians.

10.30 pm All of this culture had made you deserving of a fun night out. Anna Lulu is a must-visit if you want to experience Jaffa at its best. a true underground location where a mixed audience of Arabs and Jews construct a hazy paradise reality of art, poetry, and music Back in the flea market, bar hopping is another wonderful option.

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