One of the best methods to stay hydrated and healthy is to drink enough of water. But not everyone is aware of the ideal time to consume water. Can I drink water after a meal? Is that good for you or not? Experts are debating and thoroughly describing these subjects.

Can I drink water after a meal?

Drinking adequate water helps the body build resistance and stave against common ailments, according to numerous studies. Before a meal, drink a little water to help with improved digestion. In order to avoid becoming overly full and eating less food, keep in mind to just drink a small amount of water.

Water is also recommended to be consumed with meals as it gives moisture to the food, preventing digestive and intestinal issues like constipation.

Water consumption is always helpful. However, immediately following a meal, drinking water might deplete the body’s supply of digestive enzymes, making it more difficult for the body to digest the substantial amount of food you just consumed.

Can I drink water after a meal?

Nutritionists agree that drinking water immediately following a meal can have negative consequences on the body. It dilutes stomach secretions, which delays the time it actually takes for food to be digested and produces heartburn.

Food in the body has not been digested when the digestive tract is compromised. Food-derived glucose will be converted to fat and stored by the body, increasing insulin levels, blood sugar levels, and the risk of obesity and diabetes.

Here are some possible harms if you drink a lot of water after eating:

Stomach upset

After eating, water entering the stomach will quickly and excessively produce gas. The outcome is a tight and unpleasant stomach.

Digestive problems

It will be challenging for digested food to travel through the colon if there is too much water. Therefore, it raises the possibility of constipation, bloating…

Blood sugar rises

Due to the influence of water on boosting the glycemic index, food is not completely digested. Even if the food hasn’t been completely digested, the blood sugar increase occurs rather quickly. Blood sugar levels can rise slightly to a safe level after eating, but they rise when food is not properly digested and remains in the stomach for an extended period of time.

Excess stomach acid

Drinking water right away after eating dilutes the stomach acid and hinders digestion. Slow-digesting food that remains in the stomach for a long period will cause the stomach to secrete more acid in an effort to fully digest the food. The stomach’s acid production is increased as a result.

Some possible harms if you drink a lot of water after eating

Full stomach

Drinking water immediately after eating dilutes stomach acid and slows digestion. Gas is produced by undigested food and causes bloating.

Intestinal problems

Since food is not totally digested after eating, drink water right after. In time, intestinal disease may result from the undigested food that enters the large intestine but is not absorbed by the body. This leads to constipation, bloating, and other unpleasant symptoms.

Can I drink water after a meal? Listen to your body’s needs

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