The diversity of races and the colonisation period of Indonesia had shaped the way Indonesia is right now. As the food haven of Indonesia, experience Medan through the culinary scene and taste the various local delicacy and street food in Medan, the best way possible. And if you want to try a great dinning experience, here are the best restaurants in Medan for you.

Best Restaurants In Medan, Indonesia

At this colonial-era relic, perfect for nostalgia buffs, only the prices have changed. Medan’s oldest restaurant dates to 1934 and is great for a taste of bygone imperialism, with its regal white-uniformed waiters serving an array of Padang, Chinese and international dishes (though it’s the old-school ice cream and desserts that are most worth trying).

A cold beer on its streetside terrace is another reason to drop by.

If you haven’t had the chance to sample babi panggang Karo then head here to try this Karo Batak specialty. Comprising barbecue pork and an assortment of greens, spicy green chilli, rice, pork soup and pig blood, it’s better than it sounds! You pay by the gram, and there’s cold beer. It’s in a weird location within a covered arcade with faux-Italianate colonnades.

Inspired by Singapore’s al fresco dining, this contemporary collection of outdoor eating establishments in Lapangan Merdeka offers everything from doughnut stalls and fast-food chains to breezy sit-down restaurants serving grilled seafood and Malaysian-style noodles. Hours vary but it’s liveliest after 5pm – come for the atmosphere rather than low prices.

A local institution that’s been around for some 60 years, this hole-in-the-wall joint is always busy with folk digging into soto kesawan – coconut milk with prawns, chicken, potato and (optional) beef offal – a Medan speciality.

Among the sari shops and tailors, Cahaya Baru is one of the better eating choices in Medan’s gritty Little India. Choose from masala dosas, thalis, North Indian curries (both veg and non-veg) and grab a naan, cold beer or mango lassi.

Bakmi Hock Seng

Operating since 1932, Bakmi Hock Seng had been consistent with their taste and is never stingy with the ingredients. With generous toppings and delicious noodles, it is no wonder they are still one of the locals’ penchant for breakfast!

Bakmi Shanghai

Said to have been taught by a Chef coming straight from Shanghai, the owner of Bakmi Shanghai made his noodles fresh every single day. Not chewy and smooth as Bakmi Khek, this noodle shop could be your breakfast option for a light taste.

Nasi Babi Agu

As a city with diverse culture, you will find a majority of Chinese delicacy here as well. The foods have been tweaked to fit the Medanese’s taste, so most of them would taste sweet, salty and savoury.

Using Hokkien dialect from the Chinese minorities to form its eatery’s name, Agu is the name of the owner while Sio Bak Pui means rice with pork belly (sio bak = pork belly, pui = rice). The standard serving here is rice with Sio Bak, Chasio, and Lap Chiong.

Chasio Afoek 88

Having been passed through three generation, the skill of working with pork meat and fire can truly make you rediscover that a delicious meal often comes from the most primitive method.

By the grace skill of controlling the fire and temperature, the Chasio has a nice sheen on the skin as well as perfectly burnt crisp on its end.

Chasio Afoek 88 | Best Restaurants In Medan

Chasio Asan

Leading the Honey Grilled Pork mass is Chasio Asan. Recognised as having the best Chasio in town, Chasio Asan is another household name that is spread across the city. With perfectly honey coated and grilled Chasio, it is no wonder that this place is always crowded. An amazing weekday is when you have them meats on your plate.


With a touch of Korean’s flavour in the kitchen, Ondo brings a twist in Bataknese’s generic grilled pork. On the menu, they serve Batak-style grilled pork along with Korean-style grilled ribs, such as Kalbi Saos Ondo, which we recommend you to try.

Nasi Goreng Semalam Suntuk

Nasi Goreng Semalam Suntuk | Best Restaurants In Medan
Best Restaurants In Medan

If you’re a night owl like me and also a glutton like me (kidding!) and find yourself in a heap of hunger at midnight, you may want to visit this eatery here. Selling a simple yet wonderful fried rice with meat — you can choose either cow meat or chicken meat to top your fried rice with — and could be a perfect midnight hunger solution.

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