Surabaya, Indonesia’s second-largest metropolitan area, is often overlooked for trades and business opportunities due to its natural and cultural riches. Prepare to embrace the whole package with these amazing beaches within reach of Surabaya, Indonesia.

Amazing Beaches Within Reach of Surabaya, Indonesia

Ria Kenjeran Beach

Ria Kenjeran is Surabaya’s own beach, about a half-hour drive from the city center. This beach is a popular and convenient tropical getaway from the city, and it is well-developed with a variety of entertainment, rides, facilities, and accommodations. Even without all of that, Ria Kenjeran Beach has one of the best ocean views in town, with the Suramadu Bridge on one side and the open sea lined with fishermen’s boats on the other.

Bentar Beach

Bentar beach is famous for its wooden deck that extends all the way to the sea, from which one can enjoy a beautiful sunset and take beautiful photographs. You can go fishing, participate in various water adventure activities, and take a boat ride to see the terrifying whale sharks. There is a hill next to this beach where you can hike and enjoy even more breathtaking views.

Delegan Beach

Delegan Beach in Indonesia’s East Java Province attracts a lot of tourists due to its white sand, blue waters, and cheap seafood. Rent mats, relax on the beach, and eat delicious cheap seafood from the stalls. Because the waves are calm and not dangerous, this beach is ideal for bringing your children to play in the water.

Boom Tuban Beach

During the time of ancient Indonesian kingdoms, this popular beach destination in Tuban, East Java, was an important port and transit for traders. The coastline and its artificial peninsula are now lined with fishermen’s boats and gazebos, exemplifying the beach’s dynamic and relaxing qualities. Tourists can go fishing, ride around in fishermen’s boats, or simply relax and enjoy the scenery. Tourists can go fishing, ride around in fishermen’s boats, or simply relax and enjoy the panoramic beach scene.

Nepa Beach

Many of Madura Island’s magnificent beaches are now much more accessible to tourists and Surabaya’s urban dwellers, thanks to the Suramadu Bridge that connects Surabaya with Madura Island. Nepa Beach is one of the most beautiful and closest beaches to Surabaya, with stunning yellow-ish white sands and a long coastline less than 3 hours away. Nearby is a forest, which is also home to monkeys and other wildlife.


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