Jerusalem has some very unique attractions and some experiences that require a little extra effort to explore. This is a guide to the best experiences in Jerusalem which will put you right here. With a diverse culture in the heart of the city, Jerusalem has some unique things to do that you can’t find anywhere else. Foodies can sample some of the finest cuisine in the world, while art lovers can soak up the vibrant culture of the city.

A Guide to the Best Experiences in Jerusalem

Jerusalem Graffiti & Street Art Tour

A Guide to the Best Experiences in Jerusalem | Jerusalem Graffiti & Street Art Tour

The tour has a minimum number of participants to take place. If the tour is canceled because the minimum number of participants is not met, we will contact you. Through the writing on the wall, we will get a feel for Israel today through the secular Jews and the Orthodox Jews, the Palestine-Israel, Palestine-Israel relationship the complex relationship between Christianity- Islam, etc This is a rare opportunity to join an artistic adventure of a different kind.

Eat the local foods

 Eat the local foods in Jerusalem
A Guide to the Best Experiences in Jerusalem

Food is an important part of Middle Eastern Culture, and in Jerusalem, which has an incredibly diverse population, offers a glimpse into the cultures that created the mixing pot that the city is today. A good start is to explore Machane Yehuda Market, but even without expert knowledge, it can be a bit daunting. Visiting Machane Yehuda Market is the best way to get to know the local cuisine, while also learning about the ingredients and spices used. You’ll get the chance to try new foods and even buy local herbs and spices to take home. Looking to hone your culinary skills while getting to know the culinary heart of Jerusalem?

Head out for the night

Jerusalem’s nightlife has nothing to do with Tel Aviv in terms of size, however, the city has a small number of upmarket bars, where locals and secular students stand in stark contrast to the image. image. Global image of a traditional and conservative city. Bars like Sira (4 Ben Sira Street), an underground bar with regular live music or trendy cafe-bar, Uganda, (4 Aristobulus Street), which sells indie comics and Palestinian beer in refrigerators, are good places to start. Alternatively, hit the pub every Wednesday night (70 NIS) and enjoy the nightlife with a local guide.

Explore the neighborhoods

Tourists in Jerusalem rarely venture beyond the Old City and modern ‘City Centre’, with some heading to more exclusive (and very beautiful) areas like Yemin Moshe and the German Colony. However, cool Jerusalem is not really located there. In Rehavia, right next to the City Center, you’ll find interesting cafes and boutiques, be it just a stop in Tel Aviv in Jerusalem, or in Nachlaot, right next to the Market, an area The former religious street which today becomes a popular spot for students. Walk the streets and alleys, drink coffee in the neighboring cafes, and start getting a feel for Jerusalem, the Jerusalem that the locals know and love.

Explore the tunnels of the City of David

Explore the tunnels of the City of David | A Guide to the Best Experiences in Jerusalem

The City of David is believed to be the original urban center of Jerusalem. The site, one of the best to visit in Jerusalem, is constantly being excavated, as new finds are regularly brought to the surface, yielding evidence of lifestyles, religious beliefs and cultures. chemical. culture of the people living in the area.

One of the most enjoyable things about coming to Jerusalem is walking along the tunnels of the City of David. This is the path that in ancient times would lead to hidden springs where kings ascended the throne. Tunnels were dug around 700 BC to carry water from Gihon Spring, by order of King Hezekiah. The idea was to secure the city’s water supply even while it was under siege – back then Jerusalem was under threat from the Assyrian invasion.

The walk along Hezekiah’s Tunnel lasted about 30 minutes and it was completely dark (save for the flashlight). For me, this is one of the most interesting and unique places to visit in Jerusalem. You will really appreciate how advanced the engineering was at the time the city was built.

To enter the tunnel, you should bring a change of clothes (there are changing rooms and lockers) and wear shorts and slippers that can get wet because the water in the tunnel can be up to 80 cm deep.

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